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The Japanese Facial Massage

This ancestral and natural facial lifting treatment signifies "the Ancient way of beauty" and dates back to the fifteenth century.

The Japanese Facial Massage releases facial and neck muscles relaxing the tension areas that cause wrinkles and brings vitality back. It visibly improves the appearance of the skin, provides brightness and a more uniform tone, removes and prevents wrinkles and provides great hydratation tu the skin. It also stimulates cell metabolism and improves blood circulation. The combination of energizing , delicate and sensitive techniques applied in a subtle and rhytmic way induces a great relaxation effect.

Even if only one facial session will provide you a good deal of wellness, relaxation and balance, we recommend a cure of 6 session followed by a monthly session to get the best aesthetic results.

The Chinese Facial Treatment

A wrinkle results always from a pemanent unbalance between a muscle and its antagonist. Inspired from the méthod J.A LAVIER, the Chinese Facial Lifting Treatment is composed of two essentiel phases: for the first, the tonification and relaxing of the spécific zones followed by the draining phase using a special facial cupping glass. A holistic, both soothening and and re-energizing massage will complete your one hour treatment.


The zones of treatment will be determined individually and adaptated before each session. The végétal Oil used during the treatment will be chosen according to your skin type.

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