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Californian Massage

This treatment is The Relaxing and The Anti-Stress One !.


Composed of long, smooth and enveloping movements, the Californian Massage is considered as one of the most helpful treatment to reduce the stress and anxiety.

At first soft and  relaxing sweeping strokes are followed by gradually intensifying movements in order to this massage relieve the deepest tensions, allowing a profound physical and psychological relaxation.

Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi

1 h or 1h30  (70 / 90€)

In this unique massage, the practitioner uses hands, forearms as well as body weight to create long, flowing, deeply connected and continuous strokes that glide tenderly over the body from head to toe and side to side. 

In stead of focusing on specific areas of the body, Lomi Lomi is a more holistic massage; the global approach of the Hawaiian Massage results in the re-balancing and the re-harmonization of body and soul.

The definition of Lomi Lomi is "The Loving Touch" - a connection of heart, hands and soul with te Source of All Life !"


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