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Before your Appointment...

Take the time to browse through our Services and choose your favourite massage ! You can let yourselfbe carried away by the warm atmosphere and soft music and fully enjoy this moment of pure relaxation. Should you have a specific physical condition or if you are experiencing any pain, please inform us before your session. You can also ask for a silent massage if such is your preference !

To ensure a positive experience at Loumimaya des Sens, we encourage you to book your massage at least48 hours in advance. It is also recommended that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment, in order to prepare and make yourself comfortable. Unfortunately, in case of late arrival, the duration of your massage may need to  be reduced .

For your comfort, flip flops, a bathrobe, towels and disposable underwear are at your disposition. You can, of course, keep you prefer. In any case, you will have access to a private space to change and shower with the utmost intimacy.

We remind that our Wellness Massages are not provided in any therapeutic, erotic or sexual purpose and are not comparable to any occidental, medical or paramedical practice or approach.

Wellness Massage Contraindications

The Art of Massage is an Ancestral one, known for its numerous virtues. Despite this, there are some contraindications to follow. Massages will not be performed in case of serious diseases or pathologies (such as cancer, tumour, cardiomyopathy etc.) , severe circulatory troubles, (like thrombosis, major varicose veins), fever, bacterial or viral infection, acute inflammatory diseases, cutaneous affections, acute back ache (including disc herniation, lumbago, sciatica etc.),as well as in the case of muscle tears, sprains, contusions or joint effusions. Should you have any doubts about your health, we strongly recommend seeking medical advice before booking your appointment.


If you're expecting, please note that full-body massage cannot be performed during pregnancy. However, during this unique moment of your life, you can fully enjoy the benefits of Shiatsu or a facial massage.

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